Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Missy's Homestead: A day at the dog park

A Day At The Dog Park

Last weekend I took a walk to one of the local city parks with the lovely ladies that live in the house in front of my cottage.  They have a new young doggie that loves to play with my little ms. lola.

On our way remembered to the park it was brought to our attention that this was the weekend that the swiming pond becomes a doggie swimming pool and dog park for the day.

In order to participate there was a 3$ donation to help support the Sonoma County Parks Foundation.

(I am not exactly sure how things are going in other states and their counties but in California we do have some parks that no longer have enough money to be operated.  I know some of the state parks have closed here in Sonoma County and our county is fighting to take them over in order to reopen them.  By donating our money to the Sonoma County Parks Foundation we can help the county raise enough money to take over our closed state parks.)

My favorite little dog, Lola, is about 14 pounds of white fluffy hair.  She may look small but she is scrappy.  When we got to the pond the entire place had been fenced off in order to allow all of the dogs to be off leash.  We payed our donation, got a free cookie and some info about the parks foundation and proceeded down to let our dogs off leash.

My friends puppy went crazy with all the awesome other dogs while Lola was on a mission.  Get the balls out of the water.  She had so much fun chasing after tennis balls and ignoring most of the other dogs besides her friend Zoe.  I was so proud of her and how many balls she fished out of the water, all while only going as deep as her little legs would go.  She worked very hard to never get her back wet.  

It was so nice to see so many people gathered to let their dogs run wild, swim and just have a wonderful time off leash.
We chatted with some locals and talked about other people's dogs etc.  All in all a great event.  Let the dogs have a great time and raise money for our parks.  Not every city/county is going to have an event like this but if you have a moment to do some research you might be able to find some events close to you that help causes that you care about.  Remember even the smallest donation helps and is greatly appreciated.  Make a difference and be the change you want to see.

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday!  Remember to always give thanks!

Until Next Time,

Consume More, Buy Less, Find your passions and support them.


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