Thursday, February 14, 2013

Missy's Homestead: Impressed by my neighbors

I am back at home for a few weeks! 

I am so excited to be back with the chickens, my garden and my husband.  I have a lot to do in the short time that I will be home.  The chickens have taken over the back yard and there is chicken poop everywhere.  Time to build that enclosure we have been talking about for so long.  Greg has been super busy and the ground has froze for weeks at a time so the garden took a little bit of a dip.  Not sure I am going to get anything out of it this winter.  Oh well that is risk you run when you leave your homestead.  No matter what has happened it is good to be back and I am going to do a little clean up.  
Things have continued to evolve and change since I have been gone, and I have been walking around the neighborhood to see the changes.   I love finding little gems in the area that make me proud to be associated with the city.  I have not even been home a week and already seeing signs of people out making a difference where they live.    The lady around the corner from me is now doing story readings on Wednesday at here home, with a sign on the street telling people to come on over.   My neighbor on the other side has signs for her community crop share, but the best new thing that I have seen since being back is the free library that someone has put up in their front yard.  

Free library?  Yes that is exactly what it is.  A little box on a stand with a sign that says free library.  Take a book...leave a book!  Amazing.  What a great way to get your old books into circulation and create a sense of community.  Now I don't know if anyone would actually take a book,  but I have to say I got a huge smile on my face when I found this on the lawn of this house.  (Of course I was immediately taking picture!!)  Even if no one every does take a book, the thought of giving back to your fellow neighbors is so nice.  

This is just such a wonderful idea that I have never seen done before.  I have walked by a box on the sidewalk that just says free, but I have never seen someone go to such great lengths to put something so permanent outside their home.   It made me start to wonder what are the small things I could do to help make my community feel more homey.  This is the kinda of thing I want to strive for.  

How can I contribute to making the world and my community a better place with simple acts of kindness? Have you seen any examples of community  giving/kindness in your area?  I would love to hear your ideas.  Please comment below.

More to come as I attempt to get things back in order!! And...oh my word are the chickens huge and laying tons of eggs!!!

Okay got to go clean the coop...not sure if anyone has done that in awhile ; )

Until next time,  Consume More, Buy Less, Be the change.


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