Friday, February 22, 2013

Missy's Homestead: Succulent Art

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick feel good blog post from the homestead.  

Starting The Project.  Cardboard inside
Packing the Dirt
I love pinterest.  I think it is a great way to check out the amazing talents of people around the world and keep track of ideas and inspirations.  Several of the projects that I have been working on throughout the past year have been from items I have seen and liked on pinterest.  As you all know from my previous post I love succulents.  I think they are super awesome plants that last a long time and don't really require a lot of work.  You can leave your house for an extended period of time and they will still be there alive and kicking.  A few projects I have seen on pinterest have involved succulents and while I was back home in California I wanted to start a few in order to give the succulent cuttings a chance to root down while I was gone.  I made a succulent basket awhile ago that hangs infront of my kitchen window.  It took like 20 minutes to make all from succulent cuttings and some rocks I found in the ally behind my house.  It is still going strong a year later, and I hardly ever pay attention to it.  I water it occasionally but it really does take care of itself.  

One project I have been obsessed with for awhile is like a living piece of artwork.  I have seen a lot of pins about succulent collections that are made inside frames and hung on the wall.  I have been wanting to make one of these for a very long time.  Well I finally did it! 

Everything I made this living artwork with was recycled except for the new piece of wire that I used to help hold the dirt down.  I decided that for my first attempt I wouldn't make anything too big.  (I have seen them huge like this one I found two days ago at a co op)  

Something to inspire to.  Large Succulent Art on the wall at a Co Op

Starting to put cuttings in.
I had a few old wine boxes that my father had given to me that I had never really made anything out of.  First thing I did was I covered all the cracks with some recycled cardboard,  just to make sure things didn't start falling out the bottom (or the back when it is finally hung on the wall.)  Next I took a small layer of dirt and packed it into the bottom.  I layered a piece of wire mess (you can use any size just don't go super small in the openings) and secured it to the sides just by using tension.  I then took very small succulent cuttings and inserted them throughout the mess.  If the root wasn't strong enough to dig a hole through the mess and dirt I would use a nail and if the mess I used wasn't large enough I would use my shears to cut a larger opening for the root systems to fit.  I watered all the plants slightly and will keep the box flat for a couple weeks while the roots take to the soil.  After that I plan on mounting the little box on my wall like a piece of art.  All the succulents I used were from cuttings from my other succulents and I even found a few growing in the ally behind my house that I was able to take some cuttings from.
Finished Product

I think this is a great way to get some green in your house without spending a ton of money.  There are many other tutorials out there that are much more in depth than mine but I wanted to share with you how easy this was to make.  I think this would be great project to do with a friend.  You could each bring cuttings from your succulents and do a trade.  Hopefully everything will root okay and in a few weeks when I am back I can show you how the finish product looks on the wall.  

Okay well that is all for now.  Just wanted to share my latest recycled project!  

Remember Consumer More, Buy Less, Have Fun Making Things You Love.


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