Thursday, June 20, 2013

In honor of What You Can Do's screening at the Manhattan Film Festival, here are some other ideas

This Saturday, June 22nd, What You Can Do's video "Help Fight Hunger in New York City" will be screening at The Manhattan Film Festival at 2pm.  In honor of our video that highlights NYC organization, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, we wanted to give you simple one minute ways that you can help fight hunger in New York City.

Be sure to join us at the festival, and to share your one minute ideas on how you can help combat hunger.

Starring: Melissa Jernigan & Greg Gallagher
Written by: Julie Tortorici & Jessica Arinella
Shot, Edited and Directed by: Alicia Arinella
Produced by: On the Leesh Productions
Music by: Banana Whale
What You Can Do Logo Created by: SCG Siddharth Creative Group

Statistical Information provided by: City Harvest,
Additional Footage Provided by: Shutterstock, Inc. Used by Permission
Special Thanks: Heather Wallace and everyone at City Harvest, and Dennis Arinella

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