Monday, December 23, 2013

WYCD fans answer our holiday questions

We love our fans here at What You Can Do! Every day when we see likes on Facebook, views on YouTube, hits to our blog and RT’s on twitter - we feel grateful to all of you who join us in the mission to change the world, one minute at a time. 

This holiday season we reached out to fans on both Twitter and Facebook to find out what you had to say about some holiday topics. We got so many great answers that we wanted to share a recap here on our blog:

1.  During this season of giving what organizations do you give to most?

WYCD:  This year What You Can Do is matching "likes" with meals donated to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen we will match up to 1200 likes with meals. You can click here:


Buick Audra Nashville CARES (AIDS org.), Nashville Humane Society, and Safe Haven shelter for homeless families.

Charlene Miller Toys for tots

Sara Summers pennys by the inch

Donna Rush-Grant Food bank and the angel tree

Michele Parvis Children Inc, Komen, gifts for those in need and helping animals.

2.   What are simple ways that you can help fight Hunger?

WYCD: Donating to a local food drive or volunteering at a local food bank in your community is a great way to help the fight against hunger. Don't know of a food bank in your area?  Go here for a location search:


Dee Richards Donate money, time, to your area food bank.

Sara Summers Share. we have enough to feed the planet

Tiffany Luvz Yuh be like katniss everdeen and start an uprising!

Colleen B. Guillot Have free food drives and hand out flyers for ppl in need to see.

Carol Barrett Jackson When you buy groceries, buy a couple of extra items and donate to your local food pantry.

Margaret Payne Sponser a dinner in your home or in the community once a week 

3.  Do you practice any eco-friendly holiday wrapping or decorating? If so what do you use? 

WYCD:  Consider using newspaper, recycled wrapping paper, subway maps, old fabrics, past child artwork or sheet music. Maybe choose a Charlie Brown Tree or a potted tree that you can plant after the holidays.  You can get more ideas from our Holiday Video


Buick Audra I recycle all wrapping paper and tissue - and definitely ribbon. We planted a memorial tree in our yard for our beloved kitty last month, and we intend to decorate it in coming years, in lieu of having a tree inside.

4.  Have you ever volunteered at a food bank/soup kitchen in your area? If so which one? 

WYCD:  We interviewed the Worcester County Food bank you can learn about volunteering there.


Dee Richards Yes my son and I volunteer about 3 times a month at our church Word Spirit and Life Ministries in Chester VA food distribution program.

Brenda Hammerman once a month I do

5.  If you make New Year’s resolutions what will they be? Share with us we want to know!

WYCD:  You can go green for a new years resolution. Here are some ideas:   AND Volunteering is a big top 10 resolution that many people make in the new year. Why not try it!

Kayleen Dunlap  My New Years resolution is to begin to make decisions based on love and not fear!

Amanda Church Talbott To be a better mom, wife, daughter, and friend. #resolutions

Bonus Questions:  What are other ways that you try to help others during this Holiday season?


Buick Audra Bake and knit for shelters!

Brenda Hamilton  Donate your time ..take cookies to nursing homes some of the ppl are all alone also donate to sober houses & rehabs..take cold weather gear to shelters this always helps ppl in need

Michele Parvis   making sure some of the people in need get a gift this year...

Thank you to all our fans who wrote in to give us answers to our holiday questions. There are so many ways to help fight hunger in your communities, go green for the holidays and make earth friendly resolutions. We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and look forward to helping to make this world a better place together in the coming new year. 

All the best,

The What You Can Do Team

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