Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Missy's Corner: There is still time to do something great for Earth Day.

Next week’s Earth Day is fast approaching (Tuesday April 22nd).  If you haven’t already done so there are still many chances to find and participate in events around the country that will be celebrating Earth Day.  Too busy to participate in a local event?  Make up your own Earth Day celebration activity.  Learn how you can conserve more water during a drought.  Take 20 minutes to pick up trash on the sidewalk or street.  Cut back on your greenhouse gas emissions by walking or carpooling to work or pledge to participate in things like Meatless Monday which can also help your impact on our planet. (You can tweet out or Facebook the Meatless Monday pledge here)  You can also see our WYCD video with Meatless Monday here on youtube:

If you need help finding an Earth Day event here is a good starting list that the Earth Day Network has provided on their website:  For those of you in the New York City or San Francisco areas check out these two great websites for information about their Earth Day programs:  or

The living wall.
Cardboard Recycled Art.
As for my Earth Day celebrations, I have weddings on the next two Saturdays so I couldn’t make a lot of the larger Earth Day events.  Since I knew I was going to miss those I chose to check out a smaller event that happened near me last weekend.  My friend here in San Francisco owns a sustainable and organic granola company that decided to have a booth at the San Mateo Peace Love and Green event in Bay Meadows.  I decided that this was a great way to get out and see what people are doing to celebrate Earth Day and in the process I got to help my friend with her Granola Booth.  The event was small but everyone seemed to be having a great time. There were a lot of kids running around and some great recycled art around the property.  A recycled card board art piece and a large wind chime made of recycled aluminum cans.  They were highlighting a new sustainable living area in the City of San Mateo that is focusing on positive green living, biking, carpooling etc, etc.  It was a great way to get out and celebrate Mother Earth.  They also wanted to show off a very large living wall that is in the center of this new development.

Also on my list to celebrate Earth Day was at the beginning of this month I pledged to help conserve more water, since the state that I live in is currently in a bad drought.  I blogged about my pledge earlier this month.  So far I think I have been doing a pretty good job at not wasting as much water as I had been before.  The easiest one has been my shower usage.  I realized that I really don’t need to take as long a shower as I had been and that if I stay focused and get into the shower as soon as the water is decently warm I don’t get distracted and let the water run for long periods of time.  I also pledged to not run so much water while I do dishes in my sink.  This one has been a harder habit to break.  I am doing much better but I still have to remind my self to not let the water run on the dishes and walk away.  I have also made a larger effort to not leave water glasses half empty lying around my house.  If I do find an old water glass I have been taking it directly to my plants for watering.  This way nothing is going to waste.  Changing your habits is not always easy but with a little practice we can all make little differences each day that can help our plant.

Here is a list of some great ways that you too can conserve more water via Earth Easy:

Remember that it is not too late to get out and help Mother Earth in celebration of Earth Day 2014.


P.S. Don't forget to join our Twitter Chat on Earth Day, April 22nd, at 3pm EST!

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