Monday, January 26, 2015

Momma Monday: Greening up the bathroom toy routine.

These days there are so many great toys out there for kids. However if you are on a budget like we are, you know that constantly buying new toys for your little one can get expensive. Since the beginning of time, crafty moms have found out that even the most expensive toys can’t compare to every day items when it comes to entertaining babies.  

A few nights ago my son was in the bathtub and I realized he has gotten old enough to want to play with something while in the bath. I said to my husband, who was sitting in the other room, “Babe!  We need to buy John Warren some bath toys.”  He yelled back, “sure!”  

I started doing some research and looking for fun bath toys, but as my shopping cart price grew, I realized maybe I didn’t need to buy new toys just yet. Maybe my son would be just as happy with an already owned plastic cup as he would be with a specialty bath toy. I could follow in the footsteps of fellow moms that have come before me and be creative. I could save money and be a little more green just by using my own imagination to create bath time fun for my little son.

I walked through the house and just thought…okay what have I seen other moms give their kids to play with...

Here are the items that I picked:

A large plastic stadium cup that my son is now obsessed with.

A frozen teether

A plastic “Dog Toy” that my dog NEVER played with.

A small plastic tupperware top.

A hand me down plastic phone toy.

Kids playing with “found” toys is not a new concept, but for a new mom like me it is a good reminder that you don’t always have to buy the newest and greatest toys for your kids. 

What “found” items do you let your kids play with?  We want to know!  Leave your comments down below.



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