Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How the WYCD team Gets Moving for Heart Health

We've been sharing What You Can Do episodes for Heart Health Month in February - inspiring our team to think about the ways we stay active. Even when there's no time for a workout, we try to boost our heart rates by running around town. Here's how the women on our team get moving:

Jessica gets her workout chasing after her busy toddler, and squeezes in Pilates sessions. She also takes walks in her neighborhood outside of NYC (when it's not covered in snow). 

Alicia breaks a sweat on her elliptical machine and walks to a further subway stop when she needs to catch a ride in NYC - the extra blocks in her commute wind up adding up.

Melissa stays active pushing her son's stroller around San Francisco and hiking up the stairs to their apartment. On shopping trips, she parks in a far away spot to get in some extra exercise.

Ashley likes to run and do yoga, and walks to/from her daughter's preschool when it's nice out. She often gets in some extra activity pulling her little girl up and down the street in a wagon.

Amanda takes the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, power walks to the subway in the morning, and exercises while watching a favorite show.

How do you get moving to keep your heart healthy?

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