Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Resolutions: Momma Missy's Eco-Friendly Baby Picks

If you are like me (and by that I mean in your early to mid thirties) you could also be at a point in your life where either you, or a lot of the people you know, are having babies. I personally am in the middle of probably the largest baby boom that I will see during my lifetime between my friends and family. In May, I will have had 4 nieces and nephews in just over 2 years. I myself just had my first child 5 months ago.

With the increase in buying children's items, I have been trying my best to select products that are better for the world. It can be hard to be green with a new little one in the house. Between the insane amounts of laundry and diapers etc. - one's carbon footprint can sky rocket.

Here are a few products that I am currently into right now:

My Little Guy (with aunt Beth) Chomping down on a
Life Factory Teething Ring

Lifefactory Silicone Teething Rings:  For my teething baby I am loving these BPA Free, dishwasher safe, made in the USA, teething rings. My son loves giving these little rings a good chew. I have been digging this company for their commitment to reusable products and responsible manufacturing. Check them out here at:  Lifefactory

                                                  BabyLit books printed by Gibbs Smith:

These BabyLit books are kids board books that help you introduce your child to classic literature at a young age. Right now we have The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Not only can you introduce your baby to authors like Shakespeare and Jane Austen, but all of these little books are... "printed on either recycled 100% post-consumer waste, FSC-certified papers or on paper produced from sustainable PEFC-certified forest/controlled wood source." Companies using recycled or sustainable products help make our carbon footprints just a little bit smaller. Check them out here: BabyLit Books

Honest Company Diapers: There are many different discussions out there about sustainable diapers and how we can make things better in this world regarding our diaper waste. Nowadays there are many consumer options for more eco-friendly diapers. If you have the time and resources - reusable diapers are a great way to go. However we live in a small apartment, and do not have a washing machine in our building. Also the great state of California is currently in a major drought, so washing reusable diapers didn't seem to fit into the grand scheme this year. Recently I have been trying out Honest Company Diapers and so far have been very happy with them. They are slightly more expensive than other eco-friendly diapers, but are better for the environment (and the company gives a donation to families in need with every purchase). You can learn more about their health and sustainability standards here:  Honest Company

Baby Gallagher in Honest Diapers with Skulls
Check back next Monday for more Momma Monday blog posts. And if you know of a great earth-friendly baby product - please tell us about it in the comment section!!



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