Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Momma Wednesday: Navigating the need for more stuff.

More Stuff.  More Problems.  
More Stuff.  More Junk.  
More Stuff.  More Strain on Resources.

Having a kid means more stuff. It just does. No matter how many things you think you don’t need or even want…kids bring stuff. I think I even have less stuff than most new moms since the places I usually live in are pretty small, I try to keep things condensed. But it is so hard. Currently my family and I are in transition and are changing locations to afford a bigger place. A house. I’m renting a house. Holy Moly! The space! I found myself the other day thinking…Ok, now that I will have a house - John Warren needs MORE toys. Luckily seconds later I caught myself. Why would having a bigger house mean that I need to buy more stuff? The toys I have for my son are wonderful. They are special. He plays with them all the time. He really doesn’t NEED more. But I still found myself thinking…oh yes John Warren needs more.  

Why does this happen to a lot of us? We get more space and feel the need to pack it with more stuff. Buying new things can be wonderful - don’t get me wrong. I love shopping. But buying new things can be a strain on our earth and our resources. Everything we have has to be made in some way, shape or form and that takes resources - whether it be water, gas , electricity etc. Being a parent does not mean that I should give up on my desire to live a green, more socially responsible life. It just means that there are even more opportunities for me to consider what I am buying and how it effects our earth.  

As I learn the ropes of becoming a parent- I am also pushing myself to be a better person not just for me now, but for my son.

More to come!


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