Thursday, March 26, 2015

Seeing is Believing when it comes to Water Conservation

I did it! I started majorly upping my water conservation. We all know about the California drought, and in my last blog post I outlined four mommy-friendly ways to save water in your everyday life. But these are TWO more ways I am trying my hardest to conserve water!

Bathtime:  My son takes a bath every night so I have to heat the water for his little pink whale tub. My water heater can take forever to heat up so I FINALLY put a big mixing bowl in the bathtub and couldn’t believe how fast it fills up before the water heats up! I could actually use TWO giant mixing bowls before the water is really ready to be used in the whale tub. I have been using this extra water to fill my son's humidifier or to water my house plants. Once I get my veggie garden planted I will start using the water for my garden beds.- 

Leaky outdoor faucet: The other day I noticed that one of the water faucets out in my new backyard was dripping. No matter how tight I turned it I couldn’t get the drip to stop. I think it needs a new washer! But until then I figured that my dog could use a water bowl outside.

And wouldn’t you know I was SHOCKED at how quickly that single drip filled up that bowl. It fills it up at least twice a day! I have been using the excess to water my fruit trees but I need to get a new washer for it asap.  

Imagine how much water we could all save if we decided to conserve all the water dripping from leaky faucets or going down the drain while we heated up our water? Every single drop matters.  

Okay I am off to buy a washer for my faucet!!


What ways to do you conserve? Comment below and tell us!

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