Friday, March 1, 2013

Missy's Homestead: Consume More, Buy "New" Less

My motto the last year or so has been Consume More, Buy Less.   I realized a few weeks ago that maybe I have not explained what exactly that means.  To me Consume More, Buy Less means doing your best to use products that are already in existence and Buying "NEW" things as little as possible.  This way you consume products that have already been around, therefor helping to keep products out of the waste and saving money in the process.  Now I know there are certain products you have to buy new.  I get that, there is nothing wrong with buying new.  But by buying used or recycled material you can help this world that we are living in and help your pocketbook.

I am very happy to say that in recent months my family has done me proud by working hard to get items used.   Both my brother and brother-in-law are and will be new fathers.  We all know that starting a family can be very expensive and both of them have been doing their best to save money in order to help provide the best for their new babies.  I have been amazed at the amount of baby items that each of them have gotten gentle used for their new babies.  Both of them got great gliders off of craigslist and between them they have gotten dressers, baby bouncers, cribs, diaper bags, baby gates and The list goes on.   Way to go brothers!!!

Another great way to Consume more and Buy "New" Less is by getting clothing used. (I have talked extensively about my love of thrift stores!) Yesterday I was in the bathroom and realized that me entire wardrobe (besides my undergarments and socks) were purchased at a thrift store.  I gave myself a  little mental high-five.  Way to go Missy!  I think my whole outfit cost me like15 bucks.  I have also been trying my best to take some of my clothing to the consignment shop.  If they like my cloths then they give me money towards buying items from their store.  So far I have saved about $40 by selling gently used items.  Now always buying used cloths is not always possible but anytime we can do our part to keep items out of the waste I think we are being good stewards of the earth. And that my friends is all we can do.  Treat our earth as Eco-friendly as possible.  We want it to be around for a very long time.

Do you have things that you buy used?  Let me know.

Remember Consume More, Buy NEW Less.


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